Why Children Need Chiropractic Care

Why Children Need Chiropractic Care

Summer is definitely here. Along with the fun and outdoor activities don’t forget about your kids spinal health. When we look at their overall health, we can start from the ground up. What are they wearing on their feet? Are they in flip flops, which are comfortable but terribly non supportive and should never be run in. Running in a flip flop or sandal is great way to sprain an ankle. Make sure your children have a relatively new pair of athletic sneakers. They don’t have to be expensive, they just have to fit them well.

Next is the hip and low back. Typically not a problem in children as they should be active but according to a recent study from Time magazine dated June 16th of this year which stated that, “The most alarming data came from children and teens. While young children are often thought to be the most active, the numbers showed that rates of exercise actually declined during the teen years. In fact, 19 year olds spent as much time being inactive and sedentary as 60 year olds. “It was definitely a big surprise,” says Vadim Zipunnikov, the study’s senior author from the department of biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.”

So kids need to exercise more? Well definitely yes according to this recent study. The allure of Iphones and Gaming is apparently too much for many teens. Solutions are not easy but maybe implementing a rule where no TV or games are used during daylight hours can definitely help. Another idea is to simply make it fun. I have many patients who find the gym boring so, am I going to recommend a gym based workout and stretching program? Absolutely not. Find something that you and your kids enjoy. How about hiking, biking or even swimming.

If you find after all the sitting hours your kids have put in over the school year they are starting to slouch, then definitely bring some gentle awareness to posture. If uncorrected poor posture can lead to chronic neck and back pain. The good news is that posture can be corrected. Our office offers free weekly classes on improving your posture and stretching. Call 845-353-1543 or email frontdesk@caminezchiro.com to reserve your spot.

When it comes to raising healthy kids, work and life balance can be a lot, so I recommend you start with small and simple family changes, keep them fun and if they don’t seem to be working or are too hard don’t be afraid to change them. Remember when it comes to healthy habits, fun is the name of the game. Make it fun and the habit will be with them for life.

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