Wellness Tip: After the Fall

According to the developer of Chiropractic, BJ Palmer, a clumsy slip and fall may seem like a small thing, but the cascade of events that follow could potentially lead to bigger problems down the road.

The slip, however insignificant, creates an unexpected jar to the spine, vertebrae becomes misaligned (subluxated), nerve pressure ensues, tissues become starved of instruction, malfunction follows, sickness develops, potential is robbed, and the course of life is altered. All from an inconsequential, embarrassing moment in time, unless remedied soon after the event.

No matter how minor the slip, your Chiropractor would rather evaluate your right away to be safe. Not only can they adjust you back into alignment if necessary, correcting subluxations sooner can thwart disruptions in your life (and the lives of others) later. After the fall, do us all a favor and get checked.

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