Andrea's Patient of the Month Announcement for March

Congratulations to our Patients of the Month for March: Anna and Elisa!

Read about Anna and Elisa's chiropractic journey:

Anna- "I first started going to Dr. Caminez because I had constant lower back pain and daily

headaches. Dr. Caminez not only helped with my headaches and lower back pain but also

figured out I had very bad range of motion in my right hip. No matter how much he adjusted

me, my range of motion wouldn’t get better. He sent me for an MRI which showed the issue.

Since then, I have had hip surgery and throughout my recovery Dr. Caminez has kept me comfortable and aided my recovery. Everyone in the office is so nice. Ever since the first day I started going there they have made

me feel like I was one of them. I would recommend Dr. Caminez to anyone."

Elisa- "Over a year ago I started going to Dr. Caminez because my lower back and neck pain was

bothering me. Now I feel much better and I am in a lot less pain. My adjustments began

holding for longer and I was able to reduce my time from three days a week to once a week.

Dr. Caminez and his team are always welcoming and ready to listen. They are all understanding

and full of tips and tricks to help with pain."

Congratulations Anna and Elisa! If you know anyone who can benefit from Chiropractic Care, please encourage them to call the office at 845-353-1543 or make an appointment online.


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