Andrea's Patients of the Month Announcement for January

Congratulations to our January Patients of the Month: Carmen and Brandon!

Read below to see how Chiropractic Care has impacted their lives.

Carmen- Before starting to see Dr. Caminez, I was suffering with shingles, and as a result of it, I was having a lot of body pain Since being under his care, Dr. Caminez has helped me to not only feel better but to strengthen my immune system and understand how important the spine is to help keep me well. I thank him immensely. My experience with Chiropractic Care is that I am happier, healthier, and with no pain. I say absolutely YES to Chiropractic Care!

Brandon- I was suffering from upper and mid-back pain. Since starting Chiropractic Care, I feel much looser, less pain, and I am more comfortable going through my daily activities. My recommendation for others is to be open to Chiropractic Care, don't be scared because it has made a tremendous impact in my life.

Congratulations Carmen and Brandon! If you know anyone who can benefit from Chiropractic Care, please encourage them to call the office at 845-353-1543 or make an appointment online.



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