Andrea's Patients of the Month Announcement for February

Congratulations to our February Patients of the Month: Tammy and James!

Read below to see how Chiropractic Care has impacted their lives.

Tammy- When I first reached out to Dr. Caminez I was suffering from severe migraines, anywhere from 2-3 times per week. They were so severe I would have to lay down in complete darkness until it subsided. In addition, I suffered from upper/lower back pain as well right shoulder inflammation. The changes that have occurred since I started to see Dr. Caminez have been dramatic! My migraines have basically disappeared. I may experience a headache but nothing compared to the intense migraines that immobilized me before. Also my upper/lower back pain has decreased as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Caminez to anyone who needs chiropractic care. He has encouraged me to make my health a priority and not to ignore specific symptoms. Thank you Dr. Caminez!!!

James- When I first came in I was suffering from lower back, neck and knee pain. The pain had been ongoing for about two years and I thought it was just part of getting older. Since beginning care, I have been able to continue to play hockey which I was considering stopping. My recovery time after games has decreased and there is no more knee pain. I feel that begin able to continue to play a sport I love is the direct result of the work of Dr. Caminez.

Congratulations Tammy and James! If you know anyone who can benefit from Chiropractic Care, please encourage them to call the office at 845-353-1543 or make an appointment online.


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