Andrea's Patient of the Month Announcement for May

Congratulations to our Patients of the Month for May: Georgeann and Marie!

Read below to see how Chiropractic Care has affected their lives:

"I have suffered with lower back pain and neck pain for more than 20 years after other treatments including laminectomy/ discectomy, cortisone injections, pain medications and most recently a spinal stimulator have given me moderate relief. I was willing to try anything. Now, under regular Chiropractic care, I have much less pain. I am moving better and best of all not taking pain meds, unless I really over exert myself. I am also sleeping much better as well. The kids get adjusted too and also feeling much better. Dr. Caminez is amazing and will help you take care of your spine and make the rest of your body feel and work better." -Georgeann

"I had surgery on my ankle 5 years ago and have been in a lot of pain since. Due to this surgery, I walked with a limp which threw my back and hips out regularly. The pain kept getting worse but I didn’t want to have another surgery. About 2 years ago, I began looking for other ways to help. With regular Chiropractic care, my back has been re-aligned and stopped hurting. My hip does not hurt most of the time, my ankle feels much better and I don’t limp nearly as badly now.

Dr. Caminez is awesome. He works on everything and makes my whole body feel better." -Marie

Congratulations Georgeann and Marie! If you know anyone who can benefit from Chiropractic Care, please encourage them to call the office at 845-353-1543 or make an appointment online.



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