Andrea's Patient of the Month Announcement for March

Congratulations to our Patient of the Month for March: Tom!

Read below to see how Chiropractic Care has affected his life:

"I was having chronic pain and fatigue, as well as frequent headaches. I had utilized Chiropractic care in the past, but only on an interment basis. Since I have been under regular Chiropractic care, my headaches have decreased significantly, my mood has become much better and I have more energy. My concentration is even better so I can focus on my tasks at work and home. It’s easy to reach for the usual “quick fix,” but Chiropractic is different. It has taken time for our bodies to not only be in chronic pain, but not work as efficiently. It also takes time for Chiropractic to retrain your body to optimal health and performance but it can and does happen. Through time and care, even a stick can become both a bow and arrow."

Congratulations Tom! If you know anyone who can benefit from Chiropractic Care, please encourage them to call the office at 845-353-1543 or make an appointment online.



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