"An Apple a Day...you know the rest"

Last blog I talked about how research according to the American Cancer Society shows that nearly a third of cancers are lifestyle related. “But Dr. B, I know I should work out regularly, eat plenty of great fruits and veggies, get enough sleep, take time for mental relaxation and of course make sure my nerve system is functioning at 100% with periodic Chiropractic checkups. My question is - how are you doing with those?”

Hey, I struggle with the best of them myself! There are no guarantees in life but understand that your health falls on a spectrum. I’m not saying you can never have a jelly donut but every choice we make either creates more health in our body or more potential for disease. We all want to stay healthy and out of the hospital!

This calls to mind a recent study I read the other day published in Health Affairs that researched the reporting systems in hospitals. The study by author David C. Classen, MD, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, notes that most hospitals use a voluntary reporting system for errors and adverse events using criteria set by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Qualitys Patient Safety Indicators. Classen and his researchers believe that this current system misses 90 percent of all medical errors. Yikes!!

A similar study published in the New England Journal of Medicine states, “a 1999 report by the U.S. Institute of Medicine found that medical errors caused as many as 98,000 deaths and more than 1 million injuries each year.” (Wikipedia provides an update to that research under “Impact.”) This study also looked at hospital admissions over a number of years in North Carolina and found that almost one-in-five patients were injured by their care.

“Dr. B, what’s with all the bad news?!” I’m not trying to get you down, or scare you. I just want to empower you with your own ability to stay well! Let’s be thankful we have hospitals. In an emergency situation, hospitals are the place to be. But let’s face it, hospitals don’t get us healthy – we do! Genetics only play a small role in your overall health, the majority of your health or lack there of, is up to YOU!!! Act now, start simple and do one small thing today to increase your health. I’m going to cut back on my ice cream intake (and that’s a hard one)!

The better your overall health, the less potential for all diseases exists. Good thing the hospital is there, but let’s hope we never need to use it.

Focused on Your Wellness,

Dr. B.

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